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30 Minute Express Workout

(Room currently used for High Risk and Seniors to provide safe environment)


Looking for a quick complete workout! Want cardio and strength training! This is the place for you! Our Express workout area consist of 18 stations with a format of alternating between cardio exercise and strength training. Why's our 30 minute express special? At the end of 30 minutes you have exercised on treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and steppers and have also strength trained your arms, chest, legs, and back! Easy to follow and keeps you on pace. Simply jump into a station. When the light turns green you perform the exercise for that station until time is up and the beep notifies you its time to move to the next station. You then have 30 seconds to move to the next station and set up the machine for your preference. Its that easy! 30 quick minutes later and your done! Watch our "What's in Store" Episode to hear more about this exciting room! Rates starting as low as $35/month. You're worth it!