Why settle for less, when you can have it all! The Courtyard!


Heidi McMickens, Owner and Head Trainer of the Courtyard, and our Certified Personal Trainers offer Bootcamp and Group Training classes during the year. Their goal is to take a team of players who all want the same thing. To improve their health, get fit, and have fun! It's about having a Dynamic, Total Body Workout in every session, at every level. They will Motiviate, Encourage, Teach correct form, but most of all show you how to have fun building a better you!

Are You Needing That Extra Motivation?
Let Heidi and our Certified Personal Trainers do the work! We are offering Bootcamp/Group Training Sessions to help you get your results.  We have a time that will meet everyone’s needs and a price that everyone can afford!!


Sign up NOW!! For more details call 487-4141. 

Visit our website at www.mycyfitness.com