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Membership Rates (All Prices Do Not Include Tax)


Option 1: BEST DEAL!!                                          Option 2:

Initial Fee        $249.00                                             Initial Fee        $25.00                                    

Single Membership   $35.00/month                         Single Membership:    $45/month

Couple Membership $55.00/month                         Couple Membership:   $65/month      

Family Membership   $65.00/month                         Family Membership:  $80/month

24 month contract                                                    24 month contract                              


Option 3:                                                                    Option 4: (NO MINIMUM CONTRACT)

Initial Fee        $25.00                                                 Initial Fee: $100.00

Single Membership     $53/month                               Single Membership     $55/month

Couple Membership    $79/month                               Couple Membership    $79/month

Family Membership    $90/month                               Family Membership    $90/month

12 month contract                                                       No Minimum Term/ 30 day Cancellation


Couple Membership: Married Couple or Parent and Child under 22 years of age

Family Membership: Married Couple and all Children under 22 years of age


We have discounts for: Seniors, Military, Teachers, Law Enf, Fire Fighters, Cabrini Hospital Employees, Rapides Regional, ROM, Gilchrist Construction, UTLX, VA


Students:        $39.50/month  Initial Fee $25.00 (12 month minimum contract)

Students:        $34.95/month  Initial Fee $25.00 (24 month contract)

(under 18)        $199.00 / 6 month membership   $299.00 / 12 month membership

LSUA Student Rate: $30.00/month

Tennis Membership:   $39.95/month   Initial Fee: $25 (12 month minimum contract)

One Month Rate:      Single $75      Couple $100      Family $120 (No Contract)

Three Month Rate:   Single $205      Couple $275    Family $325 (No Contract)


Corporate Rates: See Management for discounted rates.

Club Hours:   Mon-Thurs:   4:00am-9:00pm

Friday:           4:00am-7:30pm

Saturday:       7:00am-6:00pm

Sunday:          12:00pm-6:00pm.