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Want to add a little spice to your workouts? Try one of our exciting group fitness classes for free! That's right, group fitness classes are free with paid membership or guest fee to the Courtyard! Try one today!

  • Abs Blast: Get ready for your abs to burn! Class filled with different ways to work your abs and core!

  • Basic Step: Back to basic moves on and off the step! This class offers a combination of various moves on a step that can be a moderate to high intensity cardiovascular workout with low-impact stresses. Intensity can be easily changed by platform heights.

  • Body Bar Pump: This a fitness class using the weighted Body Bar. It is like lifting weights in a class to music. The idea is less weight with the Bar, more reps. Great Burn!

  • Cross Training Challenge: An hour of toning every muscle from top to bottom!

  • Cycle: Exciting class on bikes in our spin room. Cycle to music with instruction. The instructor might be doing what we call "Feel the burn or climbing the highest mountain top". Don't be afraid to attend if you have never been. Great class that everybody can take it at their own pace.

  • Interval: Interval training is a combination of various exercises that involve a l little of everything. Step, aerobics, kick boxing, weight training, etc. This is a great class if you like change.

  • Low Impact Aerobic/Toning: This class includes some very low impact movement around the room, sometimes exercising while sitting in a chair, and the use of other equipment including weights, tubing, and balls. Great for Seniors!

  • Kick Boxing: One of the most challenging classes on the schedule. It consists of kicks, punches and cardio. Challenges to the max!

  • TBC: This is an advance class that offers step, floor aerobics, kickboxing, and boot camp type exercises. Includes body sculpting with body bars, weights, and other equipment.

  • Water Aerobics: Fun Aerobic activity in the swimming pool. Low impact and great for the joints!

  • Yogalates: A combination of Yoga and Pilates bringing a non-impact bearing system of physical conditioning which focuses on precise movement and awareness of the body's capabilities. It strengthens the abdomen, lower back, and hips for strong central support.

  • Zumba: Zumba incorporates dance and aerobics to give you a high energy exciting workout combining multiple dance styles with aerobic moves. You've heard about it, now try it!